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Tuesday is the second night in Night Blights. This night implements a few new game mechanics and the difficulty increases slightly.

The Story

Night Blights are a threat only children can see,
And the taste of small babies, it fills them with glee.

When they come near the baby shall cry,
Spin the mobile swiftly, else baby will die.

If the garage door opens, and breathing you hear,
Then surely you know, that a Night Blight is near.

So press the red button and keep the door shut tight,
This will keep you safe, throughout the long night.

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Tuesday begins with an overview of the new threats, the spinning the Mobile in the Crib in your Baby Brother's room and the Garage Door. The player then begins in their bedroom once again.

Tonight, the whiteboard reads "BREATHING MEANS BLIGHTS", which refers to the fact that if the player hears breathing during the night, then there is a Night Blight on the prowl.

In addition to new text on the whiteboard, the "RULES" on the wardrobe in The Bedroom has been updated. It reads:

1. Feed monsters under beds
2. Shut the Wardrobes!
3. Spin Baby mobile
4. Press red button to close Garage!


The second night of Night Blights is a little more challenging. The player is introduced to two new threats in addition to all the threats from Monday night.


The player now has access to a crib in The Bedroom, and has to worry about keeping him safe from the Night Blights that crawl down from the ceiling and toward the crib. When a Night Blight is near the crib, the baby inside will start to cry very loudly, which can be heard across the house. You must find a stool and climb on top of a chair in order to turn the mobile above the crib. This will scare away the Night Blight. Otherwise, they will slowly move downward toward the crib if you do not stop them, eventually killing your brother and resulting in a Game Over.


Throughout the night, the Night Blights will open the garage door. It will open slowly as time passes. On the wall, there is a red button that the player must press to close the garage door to prevent the Night Blights from coming in. The player must climb on top of opened drawers to reach the button.

Toy Locations


  • Chest of Drawers in The Bedroom (requires Red Stool)
  • Phone Table outside the Parents' Bedroom (Red Stool is needed)
  • Laundry Hamper in the Parents' Bedroom (Red Stool is needed)
  • Chest of Drawers in the Parents' Bedroom (Red Stool is needed)


  • Chair in the Living Room
  • On the back of the couch in the Living Room (Red Stool needed)
  • Bookshelf in the Kitchen
  • Bookshelf by the Fireplace
  • Kitchen Table (Red Stool needed)
  • Behind the couch in front of the Garage door
  • Shelf in the Garage (Red Stool is needed)
  • Inside the car in the Garage

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