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Monday is the first night in Night Blights. This night is mainly used to teach the player various game mechanics and is very easy.

The Story

Safe in your bed, or so it may seem,
They come from below as you slumber and dream.

When they close in, they growl and make noise,
Best feed them quick with one of your toys.

When the shadow of night falls over the globe,
Then you can be grabbed from any wardrobe.

Keep your eyes peeled and the door firmly shut,
Or out will they leap! and their sharp teeth shall cut.

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In the first night, the player is introduced to two of the basic mechanics of the game: Feeding the hungry, growling Night Blights toys and closing the doors on the four wardrobes in the house and the fridge in The Kitchen. They are immediately informed that there is a Night Blight under the bed in their Parents' Bedroom and one hiding under the bed in their Sister's Bedroom.

They are then started off in their bedroom, near a drawing on a whiteboard that informs them that running makes you tired. When you become tired, the player’s eyes will begin to droop and the game’s difficulty will increase. There is also a piece of paper taped to the wardrobe in their bed that reads:


  1. Feed monsters under beds
  2. Shut the Wardrobes!

This night functions as a tutorial night to introduce the player to the aforementioned concepts of wardrobes and Night Blights under beds that must be fed toys.


The first night has very little to worry about. The player only has 2 things to worry about this night:


There are four wardrobes, plus the fridge, which through the night will slowly open with a creak. If the player does not keep them closed, then a Night Blight will escape and begin to stalk the player.


There are Night Blights under two beds: your parents' bed and your sister's bed. As the night progresses, they will wake up with a loud growl and begin to move toward the end of the bed. If the player does not feed them one of their toys, then it will result in a game over.

Toy Locations


  • The Bed in The Bedroom
  • Phone Table outside the Parents' Bedroom (Red Stool is needed)
  • Chest of Drawers in The Bedroom (Red Stool is needed)
  • Laundry Hamper in the Parents' Bedroom (Red Stool is needed)


  • Chair in the Living Room
  • Couch in the Living Room
  • Behind the Couch in the Living Room
  • Shelf above the Couch in the Living Room (Red Stool is needed)
  • Kitchen Table in the Kitchen (Red Stool is needed)
  • Bookshelf in the Kitchen (Red Stool is needed)
  • Shelf above Sister’s Bed (Red Stool is needed)

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